Work Plan

The highly challenging aspects of power substrates for GaN based and Silicon based technologies and corresponding assembly technology have been identified and grouped into seven closely interacting work packages.

Basic Idea: New base materials imply new processes and manufacturing capabilities which are the basis for the set up of pilot line activities.

Partner expertise: From raw material research, process innovation, pilot line, assembly innovation and pilot line validated – exploited in powerful compact power application domains representing enhanced smart systems.

Work Package 1
“Novel Substrate and Isolation Technologies for 200mm GaN Power Devices”; The work package focusses on exploration of several methods that provide better (Al)GaN crystal quality, lower wafer bow, or reduced buffer leakage at high voltage, and methods for co-integration of power devices.
WP leader: IMEC (BE)
IFAT (A), Plansee (A), Epigan (BE), Namlab (G), FCM (G), STUBA (SK)

Work Package 2
“Extreme silicon base materials for 300mm power devices”; The work package draws attention to provide advanced Silicon 300mm base materials to benchmark GaN devices with the best silicon devices in terms of technical performance and cost-effectiveness
WP leader: SAG (G)
WP partner: IFD (G), IFAT (A), FhG-THM (G), FhG-EMFT (G), UNI Oslo (NO), TUDr (G)

Work Package 3
”Pilot line “GaN on Silicon” including Epitaxy”; The work package focusses on the iInstallation of a full scale industrial manufacturing line for large wafer diameter GaN-on-Si technology including the GaN hetero epitaxy on silicon wafers for normally-on and normally-off power transistors with a wide range of voltage classes up to 600V. This WP lays the foundation for an European high volume manufacturing base for advanced GaN power electronics.
WP leader: IFAT (A)
WP partner: IFAG (G), MPIE (G), FhG-IWMH (G)

Work Package 4
“New materials and processes for packaging of More than Moore devices and heterogeneous integration”; The research and development in this work packages focusses on new materials, processes and technologies for GaN packaging and 3D heterogeneous integration. Technologies supporting chip embedding and 3D wafer level processing will be investigated. One major focus will be on consideration of the chip/package interface
WP leader: ams (A)
WP partner: Plansee (A), BESI-A (A), IFAG (G), PacTech (G), FhG (G), Quantemol (UK), SPTS (UK), BESI-NL (NL), Trymax (NL)

Work Package 5 
“Pilot Line for GaN packaging and Heterogeneous Integration”; The Workpackage focusses on seting  up of pilot line for GaN packaging based on chip embedding (IFAG) and on setting  up of pilot line for heterogeneous integration (ams), The work package is closely linked to WP4 which provides the baseline for the pilot line setup. 
WP leader: IFAG (Infineon Regensburg, Germany)
WP partner: ams (A), CISC (A), BESI-A (A), Baumann (G), NFAG (G), FhG (G), memstar (UK)

Work Package 6
“reliability”; The work package 6 focusses on the reliability of devices manufactured within PowerBase. The characteristics will be evaluated by means of on-wafer short-term testing and of industrial long-term (>1000h) testing on packaged devices, with reference to standard qualification procedures and standards. Failure mechanisms will be identified and correlated with materials quality, device design and processing.  Comprehensive interaction with the other work packages is key to achieve the challenging project goals.
WP leader:  Uni Padova (IT)
WP partner: IFAT (A), KAI (A), UNIGRAZ (A), IMEC (BE), IFAG (G), FhG (G), STUBA (SK), NanoDesign (SK), UOB (UK)

Work Package 7
“Compact Power” applications”; The work package focusses on  of marketable applications with the new developed devices fabricated in the various pilot line activities. By the use of the new devices, the smart Systems will achieve higher efficiencies, higher switching frequencies and higher power densities. The chosen highly benefitting applications are LED-lighting; Solar inverter; Power conversion for telecommunications; Battery charger and Compact Power Supplies for Automation Systems
WP leader:  IKERLAN (E)
WP partner: Eltek (N), CTR (A), Fronius (A), IFAT (A), IFI (I), HAP (D), Greenpower (E), CSIC-CNM (E), 4FORES (E)

Work Package 8
“Management, Dissemination & Exploitation”; The work package is splitted into 3 main objectives. First provide efficient project structures to manage resources and results according to the project plan and ensure exploitation, second make sure that dissemination activities are providing the background to make the results public in Europe and third ensure exploitation of results in and for European industry and research
WP leader:  IFAT (A)
Dissemination leader: STUBA (SK)
WP partner: Fronius (A), KAI (A), ams (A), BESI-A (A), CTR (A), IFD (G), HAP (G), STUBA (SK), NanoDesign (SK), IKERLAN (E), Greenpower (E), CSIC-CNM (E)