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The University of Oslo (UiO) was funded in 1811, and is Norway’s oldest and highest ranked university. Today UiO has more than 27 000 students and 6000 employees making us the largest public institution of research and higher education in Norway.

Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN) is hosted by the Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics at the University of Oslo, and is an interdisciplinary focus field for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MN). Our research is outstanding both on a national and international scale.

In PowerBase the University of Oslo is represented by the Research group LENS - Light and Electricity from Novel Semiconductors, or the Semiconductor Physics Group. The group belongs to Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN) and the Department of Physics at the University of Oslo.

The group’s overall vision is “application-motivated basic research”. In our research we address rather fundamental materials science and physics issues, but in most cases with a clear vision for long-term applications relevant to enabling technologies for renewable energy. On a more detailed level, a central ingredient is to cover the whole ‘value-chain’ from materials synthesis to realization and evaluation of test (device) structures.


Our research is made possible by our state of the art clean room facilities in the Micro- and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MiNaLab) which stretches over 440 square meters. For more information about our clean room facilities, please see: > click here

Today LENS is involved in about 20 externally financed research projects, and has just under 35 employees (including PhD and postdocs).


Partner in WP2; Si materials characterization

Key Contribution:

Impurity and defect analysis by chemical, electrical and optical techniques.


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