SPTS Technologies Ltd.

SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company, is a leading supplier of etch and deposition process solutions and equipment for the global semiconductor and microelectronics industry.

SSPTS provides advanced wafer processing solutions to the world's leading semiconductor device manufacturers and research institutions, and our end-market applications include Advanced Packaging, MEMS, high speed RF IC, power semiconductor devices and LED manufacturing.

We understand the needs of volume manufacturers producing the devices of today, and the developers of tomorrow's technologies. Our product and technical teams work hard to push the boundaries of all these key processes which contribute to the manufacturing and commercial success of a wide variety of semiconductor and micro-electronic devices. We make electronics possible.

With manufacturing facilities in Newport, Wales and Allentown, Pennsylvania, the company operates across 19 countries in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. For more information, visit www.spts.com.


SPTS will be a partner on the project working on WP 4. We have both etch and deposition capabilities that can be applied to several tasks in this work-package:

  • Through Si Via etching for Advanced Packaging applications.
  • Low Temperature PECVD.  Films for “Hi AR” TSVs (between 5 and 10:1). TEOS films for superior electrical performance TSVs.
  • Low Temperature metal barrier and seed deposition.

Key Contribution:

SPTS has significant expertise in the topics listed above, offering process and equipment solutions, either to fabricate demonstrator wafers at our clean-room facilities, or to provide process solutions to other partners using SPTS equipment.  Working with our customers and industry partners, to date, we have already built-up knowledge  on the requirements for advanced packaging technologies.  In this project we apply these techniques to the manufacture of  hetero-junction semi-conductor applications for both power and LED applications.


SPTS Technologies Ltd.

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