Siltronic AG

Siltronic AG is a global leader in the market for ultra-pure silicon wafers and the partner of numerous leading chip manufacturers. Siltronic AG develops and manufactures wafers with diameters of up to 300 mm at production sites in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Virtually all the major chip manufacturers are customers of SAG. Due to our technological competence, quality, a high degree of customer orientation and our international orientation we have achieved a place among the top suppliers in the wafer industry.Our comprehensive service network – which consists of local sales organizations and application technology centres in Asia, Japan, the United States, and Europe – enables us to maintain close customer relationships. With our sales offices we are well represented in the most essential markets. In other important regions we serve our customers by closely cooperating with local partners.Sales of 852 Million Euros in 2014, ultra-modern production facilities, and some 4.100 employees in all major international semiconductor markets make us well positioned for future growth.


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In the PowerBase ECSEL project Siltronic acts as work package leader of WP2 Materials with the work for the tasks dealing with the development to establish a manufacturing process of 300 mm wafer in accordance with the requirements of the intended project partners to enable advanced power technologies on 300 mm silicon wafers.

Key Contribution:

The work package 2 encompasses the critical manufacturing step of crystal pulling targeting monocrystalline silicon ingots. One focus is ultra-low resistivity, the other very high resistivity in combination with low oxygen content. Thus as the key contribution novel 300 mm ultra-low resistivity silicon substrates for further reduced on-resistance as well as 300 mm high resistivity silicon substrates with low oxygen content for IGBT technology both resulting in cost efficient production is defined.


Siltronic AG

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