Quantemol Ltd

Quantemol is an SME, spin-out from the Physics Department of University College London and was founded in 2004. Quantemol specialises in scientific software development and provides specialist modelling software and physics consultancy services for plasma modelling and quantum chemistry calculations.


Quantemol is developing reactor scale models of industrial plasma processes used for assembly and packaging application including TSV and 3D integration in Work Package 4. Additionally Quantemol is responsible for country coordination in the UK.

Key Contribution:

  • The Quantemol research team conducts plasma chemistry sets assembly and set optimizations for several industrial plasma processes, which describe the plasma kinetics in the systems
  • Chemistry sets are used as one of the inputs for 2D plasma reactor models. Other inputs include plasma process parameters such as pressure, power and reactor geometry. A model output provides flux of all species present in the plasma, electron temperature and electron densities. Angular distribution of flux is also available for use in feature profile models. This information is validated by industrial partners’ experimental data and used to optimize tool geometry and uniformity of their processes.
  • Exploration of feature level effects of plasma is enabled by 2D plasma model output. Subsequent processes optimizations suggest the best conditions for plasma processing, in order to increase yield and reduce time to market for new technologies.

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Quantemol Ltd

Physics and Astronomy department, University College London, Gower Street
London, WC1E 6BT, UK