Advanced substrates for wide band gap power devices in leading edge wafer size 200mm

  • Objective 1: Innovation on advanced carrier wafer  technologies for GaN devices

Silicon based raw wafers to expand the current power limits in leading edge wafer size 300mm

  • Objective 2: Expand the limits in ON resistance of low ohmic power transistors

Reliability, compatibility to high volume CMOS fab's and benchmarking to best in class technologies

  • Objective 3: Provide reliability test methodologies and analysis tools for novel GaN

MtM solution for high variability in chip packaging

  • Objective 4: Enable MtM solution for high variability in chip packaging by advanced packaging technologies

Setup pilot line for GaN power devices

  • Objective 5: Setup a pilot line for normally-on and normally-off GaN power devices including the GaN epitaxy and increase the wafer size in production to 200mm

Advanced packaging for GaN based devices including pilot line

  • Objective 6: Enhance the compliance of GaN in standard packages and modules as well as a pilot line for system in package technology

Compact power and smart systems for smart energy

  • Objective 7: Achieve benchmark size and power efficiency for the applications in the use cases defined
  • Objective 8: Achieve significant improvement in energy management for selected smart power systems;