NanoDesign ltd.

NanoDesign ltd. is a SME company focused on design of smart microelectronics systems and solutions.

NanoDesign ltd. is a spin-off company, founded in 2007 by a group of specialists in field of precise measurement in bioelectronics. Today are the research and development projects focused mostly on design of precise bioelectronics measurement devices and testing machines for semiconductor devices testing and characterization. Today new high-precision devices and measurement test stations are developed and employed in new projects. The measurement tool for multipulse UIS test facilitates the load testing of new devices and technologies in GaN or power - Si.


Within the project NANO will realize the diagnostics and testing of reliability of new GaN and extreme Si based devices characterization by multipulse UIS tester at max voltage up to 2 kV and maximum current 100 A. The tests will be realized as single shot repetitive testing of 100 000 – 1 000 000 cycles. Measurement and analysis of electrical characteristics (I-V, C-V) after multipulse stress will be realized to analyze overvoltage/overcurrent induced degradation.

Key Contribution:

The UIS tester module will be optimized in relation to requirements and specifications, based on this project. Additionally a new high-temperature UIS tester module will be further developed to carry out the high-temps UIS measurements over 200 ºC on device in package in order to characterize devices during real operating conditions.


NanoDesign, ltd.

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