NaMLab GmbH

NaMLab gGmbH is a non-profit research organization and associated institute of the Technical University (TU) Dresden with focus on materials for electronic devices. Material development at NaMLab commonly proceeds under the constraints of the target electron device. The focus of the material and device development is therefore highly integration and application driven.

Historically NaMLab was founded as a joint venture between Qimonda Dresden GmbH and the Technical University Dresden. Therefore in the first years the research activities were focused on future high-k materials for capacitors in dynamic random access memories (DRAM) which was the main product of the industrial parent company. After the step-out of the industrial partner mid 2009 this key know-how was transformed to other devices and application fields. Today based on key expertise in dielectric materials for semiconductor devices NaMLab focuses on the integration and application of its materials expertise applied to reconfigurable and energy efficiency devices by placing the device rather than the material system itself into the center of its research activities.

Role & Key Contribution:

  • Development of insitu separation of grown crystal from the used template
  • Development of controlled and homogenous doping for semi insulating GaN-crystals
  • Supply of state of the art 2” and 3” SI-GaN crystals (for comparison to thin layers GaN on Si)



Noethnitzerstaße 64
01187 Dresden, Germany