memsstar Limited is a premier supplier of etch and deposition solutions for semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing processes. We are market leaders in single-wafer isotropic etching with XeF2 and HF chemistries and surface modification (SAM coating) processes.

memsstar Limited offers in-depth process expertise. Our propriety range of etch and deposition equipment for MEMS applications provides a full complement of processes and solutions for multiple applications serving R&D through to high volume manufacturing.

We are the European market leader of fully remanufactured etch and deposition systems from Applied Materials, Lam and Novellus. We assist with equipment refurbishment, reconfiguration, upgrade, final test and compliance testing. We provide fab capacity expansions, equipment support and upgrades.

Our manufacturing facilities and support functions headquartered in Europe, combined with a worldwide network of sales and distribution partners, have been delivering a cost-effective and all-inclusive sales, services and support package across the globe since 2003.


Role and Key Contribution:

Within the PowerBase Project, memsstar Limited will be supporting WP 5 by providing:

  • XeF2 trial etching samples (for AMS) at sample size
  • Scaling sample size to wafer size to enable a fully automated and proven process for pilot line production.


memsstar Limited

1 Fleming Road, Kirkton Campus
Livingston, EH54 7BN, UK