Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH

With about 2,000 employees, the Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH is one of the most modern and largest production sites within the Infineon Technologies AG. Over three billion Euros have been invested since its foundation in 1994.

Infineon Dresden manufactures a wide range of products on 200 mm and 300 mm silicon wafers for all the four Infineon divisions. In Dresden the first 300 mm fab worldwide for high volume production of power semiconductors is currently established. In the highly automated 200mm fab more than 200 different products are manufactured for the automotive industry as well as for security and chip card applications as well as power management and multimarket applications. Besides that, Infineon Dresden is an innovation Fab with a broad technology portfolio covering 45 different technologies and derivatives from > 1 µm (power semiconductors) to 90 nm (eFlash microcontroller). Currently more than 40 innovation- and technology development projects are running. Infineon Dresden is based in Silicon Saxony, Europe´s largest Microelectronics Cluster.

Infineon Dresden Cleanroom

Infineon Dresden Cleanroom


Infineon Technologies Dresden has very broad expertise with factory integration, fab automation, simulation and high volume production. Infineon Technologies Dresden will use the possibility to enlarge its activities including cleanroom concepts, tool and process dedications and special material concepts to upcoming new demands out of power manufacturing. The goal is to avoid any cross contamination at the wafer facilities by special selective logistics keeping the manufacturing performance. Infineon Technologies Dresden  has know how about automation of sensitive materials and substrates. Using its fields of competence,  Infineon Technologies Dresden will deliver support and benchmarking data to the other project partners.

Key Contribution:

Infineon will provide the exact application specifications and the corresponding base material demands. One of the  fundamentals in meeting the demand of IGBTs in 300mm is the exact measurement of pre-doping levels and other base material parameters (e.g. precipitates) combined with implant and annealing. Infineon Technologies Dresden  will bring in its knowhow on measurement techniques and their usage in fully automated production facilities. This will enable to perform not only research, but also development of manufacturing knowhow on stable mass production e.g. introduction of APC (advanced process control) methods, and run2run controllers, accompanied by fab simulation for product mix and transportation.

Infineon Dresden Production

Infineon Dresden Production

One of the major strengths of Infineon Technologies Dresden is a comprehensive knowledge about factory automation as a whole leading to optimized manufacturing logistics for highly complex production operations resulting in optimized fab loading. Infineon Technologies Dresden also has strong competence in 200mm automation for lot conveying and dynamic routing from 200mm conveyor based AMHS: this knowledge is a valuable starting point for many issues of 300 mm production methodology.


Infineon Technologies Dresden

Königsbruecker Strasse 180
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