Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Regensburg is both an innovation factory and a high-tech production site. Infineon Regensburg is unique in the Infineon group in having one front end and three back ends at the same site; this allows the development of cross-collaborative innovations over the entire value chain from chip production to wafer testing, preassembly, package design and the development of new materials.

Infineon provides semiconductor and system solutions, focusing on three central needs of our modern society:

  • Energy Efficiency, Mobility and Security Revenue in FY 2014: € 4.320 billion
  • About 30,000 employees worldwide (as of September 2014)
  • Strong technology portfolio with more than 21,000 patents and patent applications (as of September 2014)
  • 21 R&D locations;
  • 12 manufacturing locations
  • Germany's largest and Europe's second largest semiconductor company



Manager WP5 and co-manager of WP4; long-term experience in managing funded projects; with ESiP, Klaus Pressel achieved the “ENIAC JU Innovation Award 2013”.

Chip embedding pilot line: Assembly and Packaging is becoming of ever more importance driven by miniaturization, integration of higher functionality, and heat dissipation. For successful power devices like GaN/Si advanced packages and multi-chip packaging are pre-requisite for successful products. Infineon Regensburg is a worldwide leader in innovative assembly and packaging solutions (e.g. recent eWLB and Blade technologies)

Key Contribution:

Provide assembly and packaging for GaN/Si power chip. The technology under investigation has also the potential for multi-chip integration including passive devices.


Infineon Technologies AG

Wernerwerkstraße 2
93049 Regensburg​​, Germany