Greenpower Technologies S.L.

GPTech is a technology based company applying power electronics in the environmental and renewable energy sector as well as in the transport and industrial sectors. GPtech offers a wide range of innovative products completely developed with own resources, implementing electronic technology to control power equipment.

GPtech has excelled in becoming a pioneer of next generation power electronic products that optimize the integration of renewable energy into existing networks and new smart grids. GPtech is considered as expert in Power Electronics, attending the whole electric power conversion. At this starting point, the most important added value is based in the continuous improvement of GPtech technology, opening up new horizons relying in own values and new opportunities. The company has an active presence in key markets such as EU, USA, LATAM, South Africa and India with around 2 GW installed capacity in Photovoltaic and Wind Energy renewable plants with GPTech solution.

GPtech is a pioneer in Spain for its services R&D+i for others in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency and has made development of highly innovative and competitive in major projects in the hands of leading companies.


Role & Key Contribution:

GPtech will be mainly involved in WP7 Compact Power applications: as end user of GaN based devices:

  • Design and development of medium power converter for a PV application in new multilevel topologies based on GaN power devices
  • Taking advantage of the new features of these semiconductors and implementing new control algorithms to be tested in a prototype inverter.
  • Analysis and modelling of failure mechanisms under realistic operating conditions and experimental validation of the models studied.
  • Integration, Testing and Validation of GaN based devices for Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) multilevel topology power converter for PV applications


Greenpower Technologies S.L.

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