EpiGaN nv

EpiGaN is a fully independent, hi-tech start-up, spun-off from imec, founded in 2010 and backed by Venture Capitalists Capricorn CCF, Robert Bosch VC and LRM.EpiGaN commercially provides state-of-the-art GaN-on-Si and GaN-on-SiC epiwafers for application in RF and power switching electronics, featuring amongst other things its unique in-situ SiN technology.

EpiGaN owns a fully operational epitaxial wafer production plant, consisting of several MOCVD reactors, a full wafer analysis lab (XRD, PL, visual inspection, contactless sheet resistance, …) as well as all technical support infrastructure. Its reactors are 200mm/300mm capable.

EpiGaN’s product are used world-wide for application in the fields of RF (power and low noise amplifiers), power switching (600V node) and sensor applications (MEMS based sensing, gas and bio sensors).

It is the only European epitaxial wafer manufacturer to commercially provide 6” GaN on Si wafers addressing the 600V node. EpiGaN has already demonstrated highly uniform GaN on Si on 200mm substrates and intends to further develop this technology in terms of electrical performance as well as in industrial production aspects.


As Europe’s only commercial supplier of 6” GaN-on-Si epiwafers for 600V switching applications, EpiGaN will be the reference point for epitaxy development on 6”and 200mm diameter substrates.

Key Contribution:

EpiGaN will develop large scale production capability of 200mm GaN-on-Si wafers with state-of-the-art performance and benchmark GaN wafer epi quality for the 600V node.



Kempische Steenweg 293
3500 Hasselt, Belgium