CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG

CTR is a non-university R&D center with focus on Intelligent Sensor Systems and System Integration Technologies. Acting as a link between science and industry, CTR uses the latest research results to make products and  processes simpler, safer and more effective.

The highly specialized, international team forms the core of the company and has achieved a number of internationally innovations (Thin-wafer grippers, high-temperature wireless sensor system, solid-state laser sparkplug…).   Supplementary to the competences and the R&D infrastructure (optical, metrology, chemistry, electronic labs and cleanroom facilities), the center has extensive experience in conducting and managing R&D projects on national and international level.  CTR’s  research areas: 

  • Microsystem Technologies
  • Heterogeneous Integration Technologies
  • Photonic Systems
  • Smart Systems

Within the Austrian excellence program COMET (Competence Center for Excellent Technologies), CTR operates the center ASSIC (Austrian Smart Sensor Systems Integration Center).

Role & Key Contribution:

  • Knowledge in designing test circuits and automated measurement procedures (advanced silicon components, GaN switches).
  • Knowledge in analyzing and comparing measurements concerning efficiency, transient behaviour (voltage overshoot, ringing, EMC, ESD), thermal behavior, long-term stability and aging, destructive testing for breakdown voltage limits, failure analysis.
  • Climate chamber and inspection techniques setup.


CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG

High Tech Campus Villach, Europastrasse 12
A-9524 Villach, Austria