Besi Austria GmbH

BE Semiconductor Industries N.V. (Besi) develops leading edge assembly processes and equipment for leadframe, substrate and wafer level packaging applications in a wide range of end-user markets including electronics, computer, automotive, industrial, LED and solar energy.

Besi Austria’s main area of expertise is the development and production of high precision, high flexibility assembly and die handling equipment for the global semiconductor and microelectronics industries.  Machine platforms targeting different process steps within the semiconductor back-end production include: Multi module attach systems, designed on a modular concept to offer a high degree of flexibility and customization; high end flip chip systems targeted for novel and advanced methods of flip chip packaging such as copper pillar flip chip, thermo-compression bonding and wafer level packaging; die sorting systems for handling, inspection and sorting of delicate and sensitive devices.

Besi Austria is one of the leading and most innovative providers of assembly and die handling equipment and is ahead of the field when it comes to advanced packaging technologies. Besi Austria is known throughout the semiconductor industry as a key supplier of advanced packaging solutions and as an essential research partner for industrial companies and research institutes alike. Leading companies such as Bosch, Fairchild, Siemens, Philips, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Skyworks, as well as Asian subcontractors such as Amkor, ASE and STATSChipPAC are among Besi Austria’s customers.


Role & Key Contribution:

Besi Austria aims to develop both innovative die attach and 3D integration processes in terms of silver sintering and flip chip technologies respectively in order to realize stacking technologies for GaN power devices and LEDs onto active interposers.Based on the experience gained within the course of European projects, such as 3DICE, Lab4MEMS and 3D-PACK-A, Besi Austria is able to provide input to the design and process flow specifications to guarantee a better front-end to back-end compatibility. ‘Datacon’ die bonder equipment offers an excellent basis for the investigation of new materials, processes and interconnection technologies for GaN and heterogeneous 3D packaging solutions within WP4. For the validation of the pilot line concept in WP5 Besi Austria will provide significant process bricks to achieve the high level of heterogeneity and integration needed to develop the functional system demonstrators by using key enabling technologies such as:

  • Fragile device handling
  • Silver sintering
  • 3D die stacking 



Besi Austria GmbH

Innstrasse 16
A-6241 Radfeld, Austria