Baumann GmbH

Perfection in process integration – robotics, automation and special purpose machinery.
Baumann develops and produces turn-key automation systems for customers from various international industries including the automotive suppliers, electronics, domestic appliances, telecommunications, medical technology and photovoltaic sectors. Everything from a single source − from a stand alone robot cell to a fully automated production line.

With over 30 years of experience  we from baumann know the market and recognise the latest trends and developments in industrial production, providing you with flexibility and efficiency gains and a competitive advantage in your industry. Thanks to extensive cooperation with many customers, Baumann Automation is able to offer flexible, scalable and agile basic platforms. Clients have a wide choice of manufacturing methods, assembly systems, handling solutions and test systems, which, due to the modular design principle, can be integrated easily into production lines. More than 400 employees are part of the Baumann automation Team.


Baumann is based in WP5 “Pilotline GaN Packaging” and work together as a Partner with Infineon on “Resaerch on productivity enhancement”.

Key Contribution:

Robust, fast, flexible and 100% precise – these are the characteristics that enable Baumann automation solutions to provide compact high-performance machines for industrial production. They are suitable for simple part handling when loading and unloading machining centres and for the assembly and integration of complex technical processes. A further performance feature is the testing of components for quality assurance. From the standpoint of lean production, stand-alone solutions can be turned into complete production lines at any time. Clients from the automotive, medical technology, electronics, HVACR and photovoltaic sectors rely on turnkey automation solutions "Made by Baumann".

  • Loading / Unloading
  • Assembly cells / lines
  • Assembling
  • Electrical testing
  • Optical inspection
  • Depaneling
  • Software development
  • Process integration

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Baumann GmbH

Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 7
92224 Amberg, Germany