Heat as result of power losses is one of the most critical side-effects in electronics. The more and the faster work is done, the more heat is created, changing circuitry characteristics and leading to earlier end-of-life or outright failures. All mitigation activities (cooling, heat spreaders in packages, modified silicon design) add cost in one way or another.


Beyond state-of-the-artPowerBase will remove the heat from the active area by using of thermally highly conductive materials (alternative wafer stack) and by thinning the wafers far below 100µm.

PowerBase will avoid the generation of heat by reducing the static and dynamic on resistance of power devices by making use of the characteristics of GaN  in wide band gap materials. For conventional silicon based transistors alternative doping materials will result in electrically and thermally superconductive wafer materials. Both in the framework of thermally enhanced chip embedding technology.