4fores – For Optimal Renewable Energy Systems S.L.

4fores is a technological-based Spanish company dedicated to the optimization of power generation systems, and specializes in the integration of the renewable energy into network. More than 15 years of for quality research experience in the renewable sector is our biggest asset.

4fores offers solutions that allow to optimize energy production from renewable resources and to favour its growth and penetration in the electrical system. With some patents obtained since its creation in 2010, FORES features its own technology, through which provides electrical tests services in wind turbines and photovoltaic plants.

FORES designs and manufactures power electronic converters (up to 10kW) for small and isolated generation facilities and for grid integration as inverters, rectifiers, battery chargers, supply systems, etc. Nowadays it is working on other lines such the design and manufacture of digital protections of power electronic systems, and Permanent Magnet generators and motors.

As from our origins, we work every day to realize our mission to bring R&D to the real world providing:

  • Applied innovative solutions
  • Technology transfer from R&D to successful commercial products
  • A truly personalized service to our customer

More information is available at www.4fores.es


GaN devices are one of the most promising technologies for obtaining green, compact, and super-efficient power electronic devices applied to the Renewable Energies field. Within PowerBase project 4fores designs, manufactures and tests innovative DC-DC converters and inverters with GaN technology for Solar applications.

Key Contribution:

  • Design and manufacture of DC-DC converters with GaN technology
  • Innovative MPPT smart algorithm development for solar power installations
  • Laboratory and field testing of the different Solar Inverters solutions obtained
  • Validation of the Solar Inverters on the Network Code on Requisites for Generators (RfG) and Power Quality testing (IEC 61400)
  • Operating conditions on-line monitoring and accelerated ageing testing


4fores- For Optimal Renewable Energy Systems

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